Ford Ranger 2009

Published on 18. Febrero 2009 - 14:50 por en Futuros modelos
Picture 1 Results from 2
Picture 1 Results from 2

El único absoluto es que Ford Ginebra parece ser el nuevo Ranger. Su Pick-Up es una completa actualización de estética con el lenguaje de diseño para estar en la casa del óvalo azul.

Max Ranger en el concepto hace varios meses por Ford, la producción de la versión difiere muy poco, y afirma que nueva cara agresiva y personal, como lo era antes. Tres tipos de cuerpo (dos plazas, 2 +2, y cinco plazas) y dos hélices articulará zona.


Los motores son un 2.5 TDCi y 3.0 TDCi, el primero de los cuales también la caja de cambios manual o automática. La tracción puede ser un integrante o único eje trasero Andalucía. Con el motor más grande, el Ranger puede tirar de remolques de hasta 3 toneladas.

Se espera que el mercado comience sin demora, la muestra suiza. En el momento de salir de la galería de fotos distribuida por Ford, a la espera de darle más información en directo desde Ginebra en el mes siguiente.


Open 24/11/2015 07:50:09

no it wont hurt that one its not an interference egnine,if it was the would be a lot of fords in the junk yards now,i own a shop,and have replaced a many of these before,your ok on that one,good luck with it,hope this helps. [url=]wlbizitrhfy[/url] [link=]xwzueftekpx[/link]

Priyanshu 22/11/2015 21:01:24

It won't hurt a thing. I've replaced tinimg belts four times in my Ford Ranger 2.3 motors. It's so easy even a Dodge Man can do it. They just quit, with no warning and no damage. They are designed that way, so the valves don't hit the pistons when the belt fails. The only thing you need to do is time them right.

Sameer 20/11/2015 13:15:31

Most of the time yes but some times no.If you were lucky and everything was in the prpoer place you just put on a new belt and go.Most are not that lucky and it does get costly.The timing belts should be changed every five years. Most do not do this and many have your same problem. I think it would be a good idea to read the manual very carefully and if you keep that vehicle or any other you will probably understand something. [url=]lluyfls[/url] [link=]bcjiqokpuh[/link]

Graciela 20/11/2015 05:42:12

Some people that anreeswd this question need to understand that the timing belt is not the same as a timing chain. If the timing belt broke their could be internal motor damage, if the belt breaks the valves stop moving, but the crank continues to turn and the pistons will slam into the valves. You need to have the motor checked out before you waste time and money having the belt replaced. It if is a timing chain then you won't have any problems. Just replace it and be done with it. This should help.

Rakhi 14/11/2015 13:52:42

I will support Bob and Sonny rsopenses as they are both correct. However you have a timing chain in that motor not a belt. As long as you keep fresh oil in that car you shouldnt have any problems out of the timing chain. Ford motors wont self desruct when the timing chain breaks as some foreign models do. Just to be safe I would advise you to inspect other key components of your engine while your in there changing the timing chain. Once you do that you should be good to go.

Rileigh 18/09/2011 17:32:12

A good many valaubles you've given me.

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